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Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions

We specialize in the Great Lengths, Strand-by-Strand Method. Though not the only method, it is by far the best and most natural-looking. To determine whether this or another Extension method is best for you, come in for a consultation

Our preferred extension method utilizes 100% human, Indian hair, in virgin condition and of extraordinary quality, since it has never been exposed to harsh chemical treatments, making it perfect for hair extensions. We use only hair, which means that the cuticle layers are all facing the same direction from root to end and, therefore, do not tangle. This also ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your own hair, blending in superbly with yours and looking completely natural!


Great Lengths' patented bonding method is cutting edge technology, using a keratin polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of hair.

When wet, hair expands and when dry, it contracts back to its natural state. Great Lengths' keratin moves and behaves like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damaging it in the least.

No other system treats your hair in such a gentle way, putting an end to gluing, knotting and welding. It's a revolutionary system; an extremely durable, yet gentle, bonding invisibly attaches Great Lengths hair to your own.


Great Lengths' Thermal System is the standard by which all other extension systems are judged.

This still unrivaled system produces results simply not possible anywhere else. Unlike others, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, this system allows for a very clean and precise application.

The end result is Undetectable Attachments: brushable, durable and non-damaging to your natural strands.

Come in and discover what long,

beautiful hair can do for YOU!

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