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The Keratin Hair Taming System

A Brief Overview

It's the hottest new development in hair care since the relaxer,

and by now you've probably heard of it. It is called by several other names, but, The Bottom Line:

Ever wonder what your hair would look like if it was in Perfect Health?

This treatment will show you!

What It Is...

A professional salon treatment that penetrates the hair cuticle to

deep condition, improve texture and reduce frizz for up to 4 months.

The Hair Taming System works on all hair types, transforming the hair by repairing and providing long term conditioning and protection.

A special blend of proteins, which have been optimized for hair, maintains your hair’s natural properties by creating a shield over each strand, restoring it from the inside out; while protecting against harmful UV rays, pollutants, chemical treatments and the rigors of shampooing and styling.

The primary ingredient is, obviously, Keratin; which, by the way, is the key structural component of both your hair and nails.

By infusing your hair with Keratin, you infuse it with health & strength, while leaving open ALL of your favorite options.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, if so, then these two sets of Before and After pics say it all!

This unique system offers you

3 Distinct Formulations,

based on your natural hair texture and desired end result:

  • Light Wave - keeps your natural wave or curl, while making your hair frizz-free and cutting your styling time in half!
  • Curly - for a sleeker look, leaving your hair soft, shiny and silky smooth.
  • Resistant - for unruly hair that you want to get perfectly straight, yet still leave it frizz-free, silky soft and smooth to the touch.

...And as every woman's hair is unique, every woman's experience with this treatment will also be unique.

What It's NOT...

  • It is Not A Relaxer -
    Relaxers leave your hair weak, where this process will leave your hair strong and healthy.

    Though your hair may appear to be "relaxed", think of it instead as "Tamed".
  • It is Not Permanent -
    Over time, with shampoos and after exercising your many styling options, your hair will eventually return to it's "natural" state. Then it's time to do it again!

Find out for yourself

Make your appointment for a consultation to learn what YOU can expect... and visit GKhair's website to learn more:

You'll Love the New You, and so will everyone else!

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