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Salon Services

As a professional salon, we provide all the services you would expect;

haircuts, extensions, weaves, highlights, color, relaxers & straightening.

But our specialties are what truly set us apart. In each of our specialty areas, we have been formally trained and certified to deliver the service, ensuring you get the expertise and quality you fully expect. So, if there is a new process, procedure or technology in beauty and hair care, you'll find it here.

We are proud to introduce our specialties, the top 3 being the hottest current developments in beauty and hair care...

The Keratin Hair Taming System, an intense treatment infusing health and strength into every strand to soften, smooth, and "Tame" your hair; leaving it frizz-free, silky, and amazingly manageable. It's not a perm or relaxer, it's something wonderfully different and much healthier for your hair. You’ll really love your hair, and so will everyone else!

Strand by Strand Hair Extensions, a truly new dimension in hair design, is another of our specialties, offering unparalleled options while using 100% Indian Remy Human Hair. Today, you never know who's sporting their God-given hair and who is wearing extensions...

Only their hairdresser knows for sure... (and we'll never tell!)

This remarkable service is for any age group and ethnicity.

Extensions are virtually undetectable, amazingly versatile and available to everyone from movie stars to runway models to You!

Now, you can enjoy hair styling options that once seemed impossible.

Hair & Scalp Restoration Treatments, to restore your hair and scalp to optimal health. Done well, they require the knowledge of a specialist, the precision and timing of a master technician, and the touch of an artist. When done at Regine’s International Beauty, your hair becomes a healthy platform for a truly fabulous hairstyle. That's why she's known as "the Hair Doctor".

Weaves, Wigs, and Hairpieces can give your natural hair time to strengthen and grow while you experience a beautiful, completely natural and refreshingly new look. When your hair needs a break from perms, come see us.

Scalp Scope (of 50x and 200x magnification); no other salon in our area has it. Wonder why your hair is in the shape it's in?

We'll show you. With this technology, you'll see the health status of your scalp, hair follicle, and hair shaft. And as your personalized treatment program moves forward, you'll see real progress and results, first under the Scalp Scope, then in the mirror!

Regrow Your Hair with Laser Hair Restoration Treatments

FDA approved, and used by doctors and dermatologists for over a decade, this treatment regimen, now available in select salons, has a clinically proven 93% - 100% success rate in making your hair thicker, fuller and healthier, and stimulating inactive hair follicles to actually regrow long lost hair!

Call or email for more information or to schedule a hair consultation. | 845-627-2427 | 917-951-1959

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